Pure Knowledge Center

“ Welcome Aboard “

Chairman has gifted the academy to the company and the society. This institute will be a non-profit organization for the people who live in UAE and abroad.

The mission of the academy is to serve the region by creating renewable energy knowledge hub in the emirate of Dubai, collocate who have passion for renewable energy and improve power of knowledge sharing and practical quality education.

This Academy is ready to assist and support academic institutes like schools, universities, and private institutions that require practical knowledge as value added quality of the education to students, educators, technicians and engineers, experts and leaders of the organizations.

The Academy will provide workshop and field practical training on regular basis for the interested parties to back up the online training courses.

Free On-line Training

The academy will be providing free on-line education to all interested parties, the education plan will start from January 2019.

Our main goal and philosophy are:

  • • Promote and popularize applications of renewable energy
  • • Provide value and credentials to practitioners
  • • Promote worker safety and practical skill set
  • • Promote consumer confidence and realization of efficient daily usage of energy

Monthly specific topic will be chosen and access to the info will be free for all. The topics can be proposed by industry expert and the chances will be provided to the capable educator. The topic for the January 2019 is:

- Hybrid and Fuel-save Solar PV Systems

There will be weekly input considering:

  • 1. System philosophy and Description
  • 2. System design requirements & calculations
  • 3. Installations & Commissioning
  • 4. Operations & Maintenance